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Everytime a customer places a classified ad there exists an opportunity to sell more products and services. The challenge is to have those cross-posting features available to sell easily with a technology that enables a quick and cost effective sale. provides you with no cost alternatives to generate more revenue from every online and print classified sales opportunity without investment.

If you're getting pressure to come up with new and innovative ways to increase/replace revenue, you can do it without sacrificing brand equity.
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Clent Spotlight

The Oklahoman

While other media companies are at a standstill, the parent company of The Oklahoman Newspaper, OPUBCO Communications Group, is embracing change and rewriting the rules with strategic plans to meet the needs of today's consumers and advertisers.

It is blazing a path on the information highway and is positioned like a crossing guard directing traffic at America's communications crossroads.

OPUBCO Communications Group is not just surviving the stormy climate. It's creating a digital storm of its own.
Sales Leaders

April 2014

1. Jennifer Poston.....TulsaWorld: 524
2. Kelly Thielen.....Las Vegas: 504
3. Kelli Hill....Oklahoman: 383
4. Samantha Robinson....Wash. Post: 334
5. Dana Goodell.....Las Vegas: 331
6. Jill Zschetzsche.....Milwaukee: 314
7. Heather O'Daniel.....TulsaWorld: 276
8. Belita Buchanan....Milwaukee: 275
9. Long Nguyen.....Washington Post: 183
10. Nancy Simoneau.....Oklahoman: 221
11. Angela Easley.....TulsaWorld: 199
12. Jonathan Granger.....Milwaukee: 180
13. Sharia Page.....Washington Post: 146
14. Jim Whitcomb.....Oklahoman: 145
15. Robin Wilkerson.....Wash. Post: 139
16. Rebeka Nolan.....TulsaWorld: 135
17. Geneva Johnson....Oklahoman: 131
18. Bryan Miller.....Oklahoman: 119
19. Melissa Garner....Washington Post: 112
20. Sandy Gifford.....Oklahoman: 92
21. Jaime Belton.....Las Vegas: 89
22. Mike Berger.....Oklahoman: 69
23. Jesseca Jones.....Oklahoman: 67
24. Amy White.....Oklahoman: 63

Congratulations to top performer Jennifer Poston of Tulsaworld!

Congratulations to the The Washington Post for a new monthly record for total upsells!

Thank you all so much and many thanks to all of the more than 150 sales reps that sold Cross-Post products in April 2014.
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Cross-Post Classified Networks Partners With

Cross-Post LLC announced a partnership today with to help veterans and their families find excellent career opportunities. The job board and online veterans content site will anchor their Cross-Post Veterans Jobs Network for publishers. Read the full release here.

Why Smart Recruiters are Going Back to The Publishers

--> Learn why the Newspaper Association of America says the trend to using the local newspaper again for advertising is strong and growing. Click Here to download.

Who and What is Cross-Post?

We are innovators in the world of publishing and niche employment advertising.

Our only customers are publishers that are looking to leverage our online and print products to generate six and seven figure annual returns with no up-front cost.

Through our network of some of the top niche job boards on the web, we offer publications an opportunity to help their advertisers meet the growing demand for top talent while complying with Federal, State and Local EEOC guidelines.
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Leading Edge Products That Employers/ Advertisers Want and Need
How often can you serve your clients with products that are absolute requirements for doing business in today's highly competitive marketplace?

Not often enough.

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